To remind us of what is real.

Be the flower, not the bee.

Welcome to the NFT Tibet website. Our community is dedicated to reducing suffering for all sentient beings and raising consciousness through a lifestyle of art, love, and compassion. Every month, during the full moon, we have a NFT, creation ritual that helps us to connect with each other and expand our consciousness. As part of the ritual, we hold the space for LamaTashi—an extraordinary artist and human rights activist whose unique NFT project captures the special energy of the full moon.

Lama Tashi Norbu is a classical trained Tibetan artist who uses his art to raise awareness about the endless suffering and ignorance in the world. His collection of NFT art pieces, created on the day of full moon, captures the special energy it brings forth. The pieces are tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain after the initial art is burned the new moon, allowing us to share Tashi’s message with an ever-growing audience.

We invite you to take part in this amazing community that is powered by love and guided by nature. Join us in our efforts to reduce suffering and ignorance and help create a kinder, more creative and compassionate world.


Lama Tashi Norbu: Group energy on canvas minted on chain.


With the full moon gatherings and new moon ceremonies, firstly, we aim to raise self-awareness, by using meditative practices and ancient breath works (Tummo), to gain introspection. This in turn will help you raise your frequency.

Secondly, these ceremonies and the NFT art facilitates a time and space to connect with like-minded people. Together, creative skills will be shared and explored, hopefully gaining new inspiration.

The ceremonies will be centred around the ancient knowledge and practices of lama Tashi Norbu and his amazing team. This again is supported by MOCTA, the one and only Tibetan contemporary art museum in the world located in Emmen the Netherlands. Here we have the opportunity to see this ancient knowledge in practice, observing all of Tashi’s work. 50% of each sale goes to the MOCTA Museum to partially transform it into the First Contemporary Tibetan NFT Art museum.

We support the free tibet movement, reducing suffering for all scentient beings.

To remind us of what is real: a unique collaboration with: Artevist and WIHH gallery.


The art of sustainability

A proof of stake in our planet.

Buy an NFTibet and Plant your tokenised trees !

What could be better than helping the environment and getting a valuable asset at the same time? 10% of every NFTibet sale is allocated for the planting of trees, so by buying an NFT you are not only supporting a great cause, but you are also investing in the future.

NFTree is the first protocol who uses blockchain and NFT technology to tokenise the trees we plant. This means that we can track and monitor each and every tree that is planted, ensuring that they are healthy and providing a valuable service to the planet.

Please support this important cause and buy a valuble NFT today. Not only will you be helping to save the planet, but you will also be investing in its future.

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Our NFT collaborations are the foundation fo our growing community of creatives who are changing the world for the better.

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Ivest in community, art and your future.


Please connect your wallet and check if your highly valued’NFTibet is still availeble for minting. And if you are able to mint one? Light incent you are a lucky and special individual.

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