Emmen, The Netherlands
Inner strength.

OM Shanti OM.

NFTibet MINT Inner strength.
6th serie, 1/90.

NFTibet. Innet strength

The sixth artwork in the “Full Moon” series is titled “Inner Strength” and was created during the full moon of June 14th, 2023. This painting is a tribute to the power of our innermost beliefs and how they can shape our lives. The use of green in this painting is intentional, as it is a color that has been linked to spiritual power, good fortune, and harmony for centuries by many cultures all around the world, including the Tibetans. Green symbolizes life, hope, and our connection to nature, and the balance that exists within us when we embrace our spiritual side.

The vibrant shade of green used in this artwork brings an intensity that speaks directly to one’s soul. It emphasizes the importance of taking time for contemplation and exploring our own personal motivations and goals. In today’s digital age, where external validation and gratification are highly emphasized, “Inner Strength” reminds us that true strength lies within us, waiting to be uncovered when we take the time to look inwardly.

The painting is an abstract representation of Buddha, who achieved enlightenment thousands of years ago. It showcases the skill and dedication required to create a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing representation of Buddha in a contemporary style. The white background of the painting is accented with streaks of green, giving it a modern feel and texture.

Through this NFT art project, we hope to share the story behind this painting with collectors across the world. We have collected extensive research from both ancient and modern sources to ensure that our adapted story accurately captures the essence and spirit behind this stunning artwork. This piece will be available for purchase as an NFT on an exclusive marketplace, where buyers can appreciate its unique beauty and gain access to immersive content about its history and relevance today.

Inner strength: 
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