Return to serenety

Dharamshala, is the town is home to the Dalai Lama’s palace, and is only a 300 meters walk from my gallery. The artwork is a religious depiction of the founder of our spiritual tradition, Gautama Buddha. Dharamshala is located in the Himalayan Mountains, making it a unique place to create artwork.

The legend behind the Return to Serenity monastery is that it is where the future Buddha, Buddha Maitreya will return to, and it is located in the Tai Situ RINPOCHE monastery in the Dharamsala area.

I went there to for the burning ceremony because that is where I started my artistic career. I was apprenticed to the great artist Lobsang Palden, who was a master of the art of thangka painting. The painting and setting took a few days to prepare, I used oils to create the final product. I often find myself reflecting on past experiences and using them as inspiration for my artwork. I believe that we can all find inspiration in our own lives and that we can use the same tools to create beautiful art.

I put a lot of heart into my work, and I hope that you can feel that. I hope it inspires you the way it does for me. The painting was designed to remind people of the importance of staying focused on the positive side of life. It was a way to combat the negative thoughts that can often invade our minds. The monks are looking toward the homeland of Tibet, wearing the same clothes as the Dalai Lama and below it says “om Padme om” in Tibetan text.

The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, and he is known for his compassion. The monastery where he lives is known as the Potala, and it is a symbol of the Dalai Lama’s compassion and good will toward all people.

This is the first time a Tibetan lama, Lama Tashi Norbu, is entering the blockchain space in order to safegard the Tibetan art culture and the rich Tibetan history. The use of blockchain technology is a sign of impermanance, and this NFT art, is the first of its kind in the NFT space and Tibetan art culture

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