Be the flower not the bee


Flowers are often seen as symbols of beauty and hope. They remind us to stay positive and keep going. The flower bhudda, made on the 16th of February, is a tribute to the dalailama.

The work was made in Dharamsala, the seat of the Dalai Lama in the Himalayas, under the leadership dilemma. It is a tribute to the Tibetan Government in exile.

Talking about how the perfect flower can be created at the right time to attract bees can be tricky. The flower itself has to rise from the bottom of the pond, and this is very difficult until it reached the sunshine.And one it is once it is above the.Service of the water.It.Blossoms so beautifully like the like the Buddha.

As the lilly rises out of the mud: the honeybee is attracted towards the beautiful lilly that grew from the dark cold mud. The mud was necessary for the lilly to grow and create the right setting for his age old friend to be united.’
A great mystery of the universe is that what causes actions, emotions, and beliefs.

In the background of the artpiece, there are thousands of Tibetan mantras, written down by the veterans of deep love focus and positive attention. The Lotus bhudda is created to make people come closer to compassion and awareness. The mantra is a frequency of love and compasssion for all sentient beings.

The first non-fungible token was minted in open sea on the same day that the painting was burned. # months into the project, when updating the gallery on opensea, there was a glitch and the nft had to be reposted. The nft was minted again in march
This is the first time a Tibetan lama, Lama Tashi Norbu, is entering the blockchain space in order to safegard the Tibetan art culture and the rich Tibetan history. The use of blockchain technolagy is a sign of impermanance, and this art piece is the first of its kind in the NFT space and Tibetan art culture

The art piece is brought to lthe market place in collaboration the team behind the largest NFT art gallery in the world. Comprised of only the most skilled and knowledgeable NFT artists and curators, they did an amazing job of narrating and curating the piece in the right way.

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