16-04-2022, Emmen, the Netherlands
Spaciousness in mind.

NFTibet MINT Spaciousness in mind.
4th serie, 1/30.

“Spaciousness in Mind” is a modern art story inspired with the energy of the full moon of April 16th, 2022. This painting aims to capture the idea of creating space and balance within ourselves, as well as an exploration of Tibetan Buddhism’s practice of spaciousness in mind. The artwork is set against a beautiful midnight sky with layers of deep colors that ripple across its canvas. At its center is an image of a Buddha figure seated on top of a lotus flower, surrounded by mantra symbols from Tibetan Buddhism alongside intricate designs and geometric shapes.

This artwork speaks to our desire for balance: finding equilibrium within yourself and being able to accept all aspects of your life into your existence without excluding anything or anyone. This idea ties back to the notion that our minds can become more spacious when we create space for it, allowing us to understand and accept different perspectives while maintaining an open-minded attitude.

The painting uses symbolism to relate these concepts in a way that is meaningful and evocative. The fact that there is a lot of empty space in the artwork reflects our ability to open up mental space for ourselves, while still having enough room for other elements like thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Additionally, the mantra written above the Buddha creates further layers for viewers to explore what it might mean for them personally, further connecting them to this concept on a deeper level.

Through NFT technology, this work will be captured forever as a digital asset, providing potential investors with an opportunity to own something unique with its own story and meaning behind it. In this way, “Spaciousness in Mind” promises investors not only financial returns but also spiritual growth through art appreciation, creating an experience that goes beyond just looking at artwork but actually engaging with it on another level. This painting is a beautiful example of how art can inspire us to be more mindful, compassionate, and open to new experiences and perspectives.

Spaciousness in mind: 
0,9 Eth.