Emmen, The Netherlands
The third pole.

NFTibet MINT The 3e pole.
5th serie, 1/60

The third pole

“The Third Pole” is the fifth art piece in the Full Moon series, and it is an exquisite piece of art, crafted from the depths of our collective consciousness. It speaks to us of the future of mankind in a world where glaciers are melting and global warming is having a devastating effect on our environment. It asks us to consider the looming possibility that, in years to come, wars will be fought over water rather than oil, and for two thirds of the world’s population, their primary source of pure water will come from the Himalayas – specifically from Tibet: The Third Pole.

This piece was created on the full moon of May 16th and stands as a reminder of what we must do to protect our planet’s most precious resource: water. It also serves as a representation of our need to find new ways of preserving this vital element so that we can ensure its long-term availability for generations to come.

“The Third Pole” reflects a deep understanding not only of the importance and fragility of water but also of its spiritual significance. It connects us with ancient wisdom and reminds us of our responsibility towards this finite resource. Through its symbolism, it encourages us to take action and conserve water before it is too late.

Incorporating traditional Tibetan aesthetics with modern design elements, this NFT art project stands as a powerful voice for environmental conservation. It draws attention to issues such as climate change and global warming while celebrating beauty, creativity, and resilience in times of adversity. With its intricate details and thoughtful composition, “The Third Pole” makes for an inspiring addition to any collection, one that will bring both visual delight and spiritual nourishment.

“The Third Pole” is the fifth painting of Lama Tashi Norbu that has entered the blockchain. This unique piece is made in limited edition and is a gem in any home. We invite you to experience the beauty and significance of “The Third Pole” and join us in our mission to preserve and promote Tibetan culture through the use of blockchain technology.

The third pole.
1/60, 5e serie,.
0,6 Eth