NFTibet. To remind us of what is real.


Welcome to the NFT Tibet website. Our community is dedicated to reducing suffering for all sentient beings and raising consciousness through a lifestyle of art, love, and compassion.

Every month, during the full moon, we have a NFT, creation ritual that helps us to connect with each other and expand our consciousness. As part of the ritual, we hold the space for LamaTashi—an extraordinary artist and human rights activist whose unique NFT project captures the special energy of the full moon.

Lama Tashi Norbu is a classical trained Tibetan artist who uses his art to raise awareness about the endless suffering and ignorance in the world. His collection of NFT art pieces, created on the day of full moon, captures the special energy it brings forth. The pieces are tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain after the initial art is burned the new moon, allowing us to share Tashi’s message with an ever-growing audience.

We invite you to take part in this amazing community that is powered by love and guided by nature. Join us in our efforts to reduce suffering and ignorance and help create a kinder, more creative and compassionate world.

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