08-11-2022, Los Angeles, USA
Um ah Hung.

NFTibet MINT Um ah Hung.
11th serie, 1/6000.

Um Ah Hung” is the 11th creation of the Full Moon collection, and it was made by Lama Tashi in the vibrant city of Los Angeles in the fall of 2022. The artwork is a representation of body, speech, and mind, as well as transformative blessings from all Buddhas past, present, and future.

Lama Tashi created “Um Ah Hung” on the full moon night in November, accompanied by the soothing sound of violins and his mantras. The piece is composed of a variety of mediums that focus on textures and layers to convey the depth of its meaning. The interplay of warm and cool colors and the use of light and shadow create a sense of energy and movement, evoking the spiritual essence of the piece.

The artwork was created using a variety of mediums, with a focus on textures and layers to convey the depth of meaning behind it. The use of warm and cool colors, and the interplay of light and shadow, creates a sense of movement and energy, evoking the spiritual essence of the piece. As the new moon approached on November 23rd, the artist made the decision to burn the piece as a symbolic act of letting go and a reminder of the cycle of life and death. It was a powerful and emotional moment, as the physical artwork was transformed into something ethereal, a reflection of the impermanence of all things. “Om a Hung” is a powerful and meaningful piece, that captures the essence of spiritual transformation and the power of art to evoke deep emotions and connections. This art piece continues to inspire and to be a reminder of the power of body, speech and mind, and the transformative blessings from all the Buddhas.

Um ah Hung.
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